The Senior Team, Inc.

A Technology and Marketing Company for the Senior Living Industry

Products & Services

Senior Place Finder

This web site fuels and serves all the others. It matches, connects, networks, data mines, and communicates for the benefit of all those involved in senior living. 

Senior Living Gateway

This website is built for Senior Living marketing and sales professionals and provides them with high tech marketing and data collection.


The Senior Real Estate Specialist member receives real estate referrals from senior living shoppers who need to sell or buy property before moving. 

Senior Living Affiliates

Any company, organization, or individual serving seniors can be an affiliate. Offer Senior Place Finder and receive rewards, donations, or fees.

Senior Living Voucher

Anyone who uses Senior Place Finder can register for a $200 voucher that is cashed in when they move into a place referred. 

In The Future

The Senior Team's vision is to develop  websites with technology to make it easier for seniors and families to solve the issues and circumstances that surround aging.